About Us

Microvac is the single leading manufacturer and exporter of High vacuum pumps and systems in india. Established in the year 1993 Microvac is manufacturing vacuum pumps for 20 years, and constantly upgrading their designs, gaining its reputation as a distinguished manufacturer, exporter and importer in the industry, Microvac pumps are known for a high level performance and low power consumption which are customized as per customers specific needs and requirements Microvac product range mainly comprises of - High vacuum pumps, Water Ring vacuum pumps, Diaphragm vacuum pumps, Belt Driven high vacuum pumps, Vacuum cum Pressure pumps, Liquid ring vacuum pumps, Turbine blowers, McLeod Gauge, Triple roll mill, planetary mixer, sigma mixer, Disperser.

Our products have been sold all over the word and enjoyed good reputation for its reliable and stable working