Diaphram Vacuum Pump

Over the span of year, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves as one of the dominant diaphragm pumps manufacturers in India. We offer 100% oil free diaphragm vacuum pumps. The diaphragm vacuum pumps offered by us can be used as an oil-free compressor or even as a vacuum pump.

Microvac diaphragm Vacuum Pumps are completely oil free and are motor mounted. They don't require lubrication and are practically maintenance free. Diaphragm type Vacuum Pumps are more preferable compared to the conventional reciprocating piston type air compressors and sliding vane type vacuum pumps due to their minimum maintenance requirements. They are suitable for producing completely oil-free compressed air and vacuum production without environmental contamination through oil mist.

Application :
Laboratories, Pollution Monitoring Equipment, Chemical Analyzers, Laminating press, Material Handling Equipment, Labeling Machines, Plastic Welding Machines, Gas Welding Machines, Soldering iron, Agitation of Chemicals in Tanks, Aeration. Glass Forming, Dentists
Salient Features :

  • Specially designed motors with cognizant rating. Available in single phase as well as three phase constructions.
  • Cooler air output - as ambient air enters and leaves the head, it never goes near the motor to pickup heat and foreign matter. Cooler temperatures improve the overall efficiency.
  • Specially designed heads-Heads are made of graded aluminum alloy castings and are internally powder coated to improve the strength and life of the pump.
  • Minimum wear-perfectly designed Cam profile, hence smooth running of parts with minimum wear.


  • Diaphragm type - hence no rubbing of parts and negligible wear & tear
  • Practically maintenance free.
  • No lubrication required, hence oil - free
  • Low operational cost of equipment. This results from the modest cost for replacement of diaphragm and valves
Model Max. Flow
Max. Vaccum
Inches of Hg.
Max. Pressure
ME- 10 10 20 25 1/25 90x145x85
ME-15 15 22 25 1/20 175x110x150
ME-15(SM) 15 22 25 1/20 150x110x150
ME-15(FLP) 15 22 25 1/8 225x150x150
ME-25.S 15 26 30 1/16 210x125x125
ME-25.P 25 23 20 1/16 210x125x125
ME-25.C 15 22 25 1/16 210x150x125
ME-45 45 23 40 1/8 200x130x200
ME-45.C 28 22 10 1/8 235x130x200
ME-75.S 45 27 60 1/4 300x130x200
ME-75.P 75 23 40 1/4 300x130x200
ME-75.C 38 22 10 1/4 300x150x200