Rotary Vacuum Pump

Microvac Rotary Vacuum Pumps, series MLV are sliding vane, oil lubricated type and incorporate many features which result in trouble free performance with minimum maintenance. Microvac pumps have earned unique reputation for its reliability and hence more and more Microvac pumps are used as original equipment on various plants.

Special Features :

A unique design of lubricating system positively feeds, minimum quantity of oil to important points. The oil from the exhaust is baffed, collected and returned back to oil chamber. This way not only the intervals between oil top up is prolonged but also helps to keep the atmosphere in the premises free of oil smoke to some extent

  • Specifically heat treated fiber vanes are used in Microvac Pumps in place of steel vanes. The advantages are silent running, and negligible wear on stator, end covers and rotor slots.
  • Microvac pumps are driven by V-belt covered with belt guard to give vibrations free operation, and are fan cooled.
  • The complete unit with motor and baseplate is most compact for its capacity and due to it, vibration free running is suitable for mounting inside the equipment.
  • All the models in MLV series can be modified to suit specific application so that smallest possible pump with minimum power consumption can be offered to the user.

MODEL H.P 'Phase Vacuum Disp acement
      LIT /MIN C.F.M
ME -75 1/4 Single 28" H.G. 75 2.5
ME-150 1/2 Single 28" H.G. 150 5.3
ME- 300 1 Single 26" H.G. 300 11.0
ME -500 2 Three 26" H.G. 500 18.0
ME- 1000 3 Three 26" H.G. 1000 38.0